We look forward to advising you, free of charge and without obligation.

We look forward to advising you, free of charge and without obligation.

International Health Insurance

Wherever your adventure takes you, we are here for you.

Comprehensive International Health Insurance of a Swiss standard, purposed for emigrants, expatriates of all nationalities, and digital nomads.

The best healthcare with short waiting times

We help find the best insurance solutions for you, providing you with a policy tailored to meet your individual needs, at an international level.

Basic international accident and health insurance benefits

Private status

Take your time to recover and be treated by the best doctors - thanks to private health insurance, you can enjoy a single room and high standard care worldwide.

Worldwide security

Regardless of where you are, the insurance always applies everywhere. You will receive worldwide advice and an appointment as quickly as possible.

Free choice of doctor

A doctor is a central person of trust. All the more important that you feel comfortable and in good hands - the free choice of doctor guarantees this for you.

Second opinion

Ask away, completely free of charge. A second opinion can sometimes be worth its weight in gold.

Lifelong provision

It does not matter how often you are ill, how many infirmities you have and how often you move: you are insured for life and cannot be terminated.


Here you will be helped: Whether via an app or a 24/7 hotline, in an emergency you will quickly find help and advice - around the clock.

Additional benefits of international accident and health insurance

You can also benefit from this on request:

  • Outpatient treatments
    You prefer a family doctor? Here you are: With this addition you do not always have to go directly to the hospital. It also covers chronic illnesses, physiotherapy and medication.
  • Check-ups
    Whether it’s a check-up or an annual check-up with a gynaecologist, prevention is often the best medicine. If you wish, it can also be done in your home country.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
    Special for the special time: As a woman who wants to have children, cover yourself with the extra and enjoy the best care during and after pregnancy as well as during childbirth in top clinics.
  • Expert advice and repatriation
    Your health insurance will take you to where the specialists are: If there is not the right help locally in an emergency, you fly directly to the medical experts - without having to worry about the organisation or payment. The same applies to repatriations.
  • Rehabilitation
    To make sure that your recovery actually turns into recovery, in the case of rehabilitation you can enjoy the services of the best private clinics - abroad or at home close to your family.
  • Alternative Medicine
    Homeopathy, Osteopathy or Traditional Chinese Medicine, you like to resort to alternative medicine, this addition is made for you.

Our customers speak for us

The ASN team advised us quickly and uncomplicatedly. We feel safe and in good hands. When I have a question and send an e-mail, there is an answer within a few hours.

J. Friederich, from Germany
Costumer since 2016

It is my concern to thank you for your always good advice. We feel that we are in good hands with ASN.

H.P. Carabelli, from Monaco
Costumer since 2001

I've been a customer for years. Mrs. Villoz always has an open ear for me and I know that I can count on her in case of an acute problem and for all my questions. I am completely satisfied with their performance.

M. Kost, from Spain
Costumer since 2010

I would like to thank Mrs. Villoz for her competence, availability and support. I have used her services very often; her help has been very valuable and useful to me. Mrs Villoz has always been very friendly to me.

M. Roelandts, from Belgium
Costumer since 2010

I have always received good advice from ASN. I am also very grateful that Mr Fiorenza is my personal advisor. He gives me excellent advice on medical measures and help. Thank you very much for that.

E. Jost, from Mexico
Costumer since 2000

I was very satisfied with the services and the insurance package, and if my situation shifts again towards international activities, I will definitely and gladly return to ASN's offers.

M. Seiffert, from Israel
Costumer since 2016

Therefore... ASN

We make sure that you can travel carefree, enjoying your adventure abroad, feeling relaxed and safe. As leading experts for international health and accident insurance, we have assisted in developing the first international health insurance plan to meet the Swiss standard. We are your partner in consulting, structuring, implementing and managing the ideal international health insurance plan for you. Learn more about ASN …

Your personal insurance offer...

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Doctor visits, medication, annual routine check-ups, hospital treatment and evacuation to your home/stay country.


Full coverage of your medical treatment and evacuation to your home/stay country.

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Do you need information immediately?

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Customer care and customer service always to the fullest satisfaction. Fast reaction time, comprehensive information, completion of customer wishes within a useful period of time and assistance in case of need leave nothing to be desired.

A. Boesiger, from Thailand,
customer since 2014