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Travel Medical Insurance for You & Your Family

This Private Travel Insurance is designed to give you and your family peace of mind while travelling. Whether your travel lasts for a year or only a few days, the annual policy and single trip travel options are perfectly suited to your needs, are flexible, and also easy to extend. By taking out Bupa Global Travel, you get instant access to worldwide medical cover, emergency treatment with 24/7 multilingual assistance, trip cancellation, as well as non-medical options, such as personal liability and legal assistance.

24/7 Emergency

Bupa Global Travel offers a 24/7 multilingual emergency service. You will have access to medical referrals, consultation with doctors and nurses, support in hospital admission, and medical evacuation if required.

Medical Emergency and Additional Expenses

In the event of a medical emergency or life-threatening event, assistance will be provided; worldwide coverage with no limit, evacuation and or relocation, crisis management support, travelling expenses for family-members and transportation home for the deceased person(s).

For Individuals & Families

Bupa Global Travel is designed for both individuals and families, and covers short-term and long-term travel. The flexible annual policy and single event travel insurance options will provide the ideal cover that is flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

Unforeseen Changes & Cancellation

Should your travel/circumstances change due to serious and unforeseen events, you will have the option to cancel your travel plans and seek reimbursement. ASN can assist in handling this.

Go Digital with MyCard

With the MyCard app, you will always have access to your virtual insurance card on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. Receive important information, on-the-go, for doctors/hospitals, in 53 languages, for faster access to treatment, as well as easy access to your brochure, policy conditions and claim forms.

Non-Medial Options

Add loss-of-baggage, theft or damage, and also the ability to receive assistance in the event of travel delays and missed flight connections.

Premium medical cover for single trips and annual multi-trips.

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