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Existing client? Find your FAQ's here »

Existing client? Find your FAQ's here »

General FAQ's

Are you confronted with international health insurance for the first time? Then you will certainly have some questions to ask. Don't despair, our FAQ section offers you the most important answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. Is an accident covered in addition to illness?

    International health insurance plans always cover illness and accidents. This includes planned and emergency treatments.

  2. I haven’t made a claim so why should my premium change?

    Premiums will rise in line with inflation and the increase in medical costs. In order to treat the costumers fairly, insurers spread the risk across all their customers. Therefore, whether you make a claim or not, your increase will be in line with the overall customer base of your chosen insurer; you will not be individually penalised when you make a claim.

  3. What are the payment modalities? Can I pay monthly?

    Most providers offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments. Note, however, that from half-year payment, most require a credit card. Annual payments can also be made by bank transfer. Most providers will offer a discount for a yearly payment, which we encourage.

  4. Up to what age will the insurance accept new applications?

    This always depends on the provider. Here are the most important providers at a glance:

    • CIGNA 100 years
    • AXA PPP 99 years
    • Bupa 80 years
    • Well Away 80 years
    • Now Health International 79 years
    • Aetna 79 years
    • Globality 75 years
    • Morgan Price 75 years
    • Allianz Worldwide Care 75 years
    • Best Doctors 74 years
    • Williams Russell 70 years
    • A Plus International 69 years
    • Well Away New American ACA 65 years
    • CIGNA ACA 65 years
  5. Can my policy be terminated due to too many refunds/claims?

    No, the insurance company is not permitted to terminate the contract as a result of too many submitted invoices. You will have guaranteed coverage for the rest of your life.
    They may, however, terminate the contract in the event of possible fraud. In other words, to withhold vital information from the insurer during the application process. Usually, they will discover these omissions of information, while looking into medical reports, that can be requested by the insurer during an ongoing claim or refund. Therefore showing that the illness that caused that specific claim, was clearly preexisting. This will finally lead to a cancellation.
    It is of the utmost importance to include everything regarding your health status during the application process in order to avoid situations as mentioned above. Should you not be sure, if a condition you have is really relevant for the insurer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re glad to help and clear things up.

  6. Are the medical costs billed directly by the insurance company?

    Medical expenses are billed on a "pay and claim" basis. A guarantee of payment is required for inpatient treatment. For more information on the guarantee of payment please look up that question.

  7. What is the minimum insurance period?

    Usually, a one-year contract is required but some insurers will give you the option to cancel midterm with a 7 or 30-day notice. Keep in mind that if a claim has been reimbursed during that time, you will not get any refund of your remaining premium for that year even if you cancel midterm.

  8. Do I have to send the original contract to you?

    The PDF with a digital signature or a scan of the physical copy (don’t forget to physically sign) will be completely sufficient, no original is needed.

  9. How long does it take to process my application? When do I get my policy?

    The time taken to process the application may vary from each customer or case. The more questions, the insurer has, regarding past or existing health issues, the longer it will take to come to a final conclusion. It is therefore important to answer the questions as accurately as possible and to give as many details of your diagnoses/medication (e.g. name or dosage) to the insurer. Usually, it can take between 2 - 7 days. Exceptions are the rule. But we try our best to make it as quick as possible.

    Of course, should you have supplemental insurance you will be transferred to the international insurance as fast as possible, thanks to the free vesting agreement we have in place.

  10. Will my preexisting conditions be included?

    Pre-existing conditions can either be rejected or accepted against a loading.

    If you have supplementary insurance, we can have you transfer to Now Health or CIGNA without a health check, thanks to our CPME transfer. All we need is for you to fill in the application form and send us a copy of your supplementary cover policy.

    Please note that existing exclusions will remain when transferring to your new plan

  11. Why does the insurer increase my premium each year?

    The reason why an increase exists is that all insurers match their premiums to the anticipated increase in claims incidence and claims inflation based on the claims received during the previous policy year and the inflation in medical costs.

  12. What is the pricing philosophy?

    All insurers pricing is based on the principle of shared liability. This means that the risk of the portfolio is borne by all of the policyholders.

  13. What deductibles/franchises can I choose?

    Depending on the provider you can pick a deductible/franchise that may start at zero and/or go up to USD 50’000. They are applied per person and year. Exact information can be found in the customer handbook of the respective provider.

  14. How much do premiums increase on a yearly basis?

    This can differ from year to year. The reason why an increase changes every year is that all insurers match their premiums to the anticipated increase in claims incidence and claims inflation based on the claims received during the previous policy year and the inflation in medical costs. Usually, we’re speaking from 6 - 11 %. With certain providers, you will have to take into account whether they work with age groups or not. This means, that whenever you enter a new age group (every 5 years usually) they will increase your premium on top of the normal increase that happens every year, due to inflation.
    If you’re unhappy with your premium increase, feel free to request for a comparison or changes that could be made to your policy to lower the impact of the increase.

  15. Do I pay more through ASN?

    Taking up our services is free of charge. We work closely with the insurer of your choosing on a commission basis. The commissions we earn are calculated and already included on the basic premium you pay to the insurer. Please take into account that taxes are not included in the basic premium. They are calculated separately.

  16. Which languages are represented in the insurance companies?

    Most insurance documents are in English, but there are exceptions where languages such as French, Spanish, and German are also represented.

    Since we’re going to be your main point of contact, we can offer you German, French, Italian, English, and Spanish via phone and email. To make sure you’re always supported whether questions arise or there’s a language barrier. If you call outside our opening hours, e.g. in the event of an emergency, most insurers have a multilingual international team that can help you in the most difficult situations.

    For that kindly check the back of your insurance card, all insurers have their emergency numbers listed there.

  17. Who is my contact person?

    We are first and foremost your contact partner. We will help you with renewals, processing claims, guarantees of payment when you need to go to the hospital and general inquiries. Outside opening hours and in emergencies, you can contact the insurer directly.

    For that kindly check the back of your insurance card, all insurers have their emergency numbers listed there.

  18. Can I ensure a child individually??

    Yes, some provider will offer it.

  19. Can I take out insurance during my pregnancy?

    Yes you can, however, pregnancy will not be covered. It should also be noted that if you take out a new international health insurance policy, waiting periods of 10 - 12 months will apply before you can claim the pregnancy benefit.

  20. Can I be exempted from the obligatory Swiss basic insurance (KVG) if I choose an international cover instead?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible unless you can prove that your international protection has the same coverage as the compulsory Swiss basic insurance (KVG). As most international insurances cannot meet the requirements, the Swiss authorities will refuse your exemption.

  21. What insurance zones do the insurance companies offer?

    It can differ depending on the insurer/provider:


    • Worldwide cover


    • Worldwide incl. USA
    • Worldwide excl.USA

    Now Health:

    • Worldwide incl. USA
    • worldwide excl.USA
    • (Africa, Indian Sub-Continent, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Philippines)
    • Europe

    Should you travel a zone that is not on your cover, you’ll be covered for emergencies nonetheless.

  22. In which currencies can I pay?

    Most providers/insurers offer the most common currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP. Some of them offer even local currencies depending on countries you’re staying in, for example, UAE or China.

  23. As a Swiss citizen, can I take out international insurance while living in Switzerland?

    It’s not possible. With none of our providers. Unless you have a different nationality than Swiss. It does also not exempt you from the basic insurance obligation. Since most international insurance cannot comply with the requirements, the Swiss authorities will reject your exemption.
  24. What are insurers doing to control escalating costs?

    Most insurers work with provider networks. These networks allow them to negotiate significantly better rates for you. We recommend that you contact us or the insurer you have chosen, before booking inpatient treatment whenever possible. This allows them to work directly with the hospitals on a case-by-case basis, to help with any queries, to agree on the cost with the treatment facility and to provide confirmation of eligible payment. The closer they work with the hospitals and doctors, the better they are able to build relationships and help contain medical inflation.

    You still have the freedom to choose any recognised hospital, clinic, doctor or specialist you prefer.

  25. I am already insured with REGA, do I need an evacuation cover at all?

    REGA is not an insurer, it is a foundation. You might benefit from better conditions when it comes to their services, but that won’t guarantee a full cover. Therefore it only offers limited evacuation benefit and cannot be used in every situation. To avoid receiving high bills that no one will cover, we advise to always take out a proper evacuation option that can be implemented in your international plan.

  26. Do I receive an insurance card when I take out the policy?

    Based on the plan you have chosen and once the premium has been paid and received by the insurer, you will then receive your insurance card by postal mail. Some providers now also offer the option to only have a digital insurance card that you will be able to save on the wallet app of your smartphone.

  27. Can I be treated in my home country?

    Yes, usually you will have access to treatments in your home country. However, the length of the stay and/or treatment will be limited with certain providers. International health insurances are mainly thought of expats.

  28. Can I only take out insurance for a short period of time?

    We recommend for short periods, travel insurance, where you can flexibly determine the number of days yourself. However, they will only cover you in case of emergencies and not for general visits to your GP.
    The regular insurer will offer 1-year contracts and won’t let you cancel during the year.

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