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Valentine's Day 2020 - 10 of the Most Romantic Travel Destinations

Creating the perfect romantic getaway is all about one thing… location, location, location. Without the right environment, it can be almost impossible to ignite that passion. The right destination can provide adventure, history, culture, relaxation, sunshine, and exotic food; all things that help spark love and intimacy. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have listed 10 of the most romantic travel destinations to experience with your special someone.

1. Paris
The first destination will not come as a surprise to anyone. Paris is, afterall, the ‘city of love.’ From it’s beautiful streets and architecture, to its grand history and glorious scenery, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the world.

2. New York City
New York City… the city that never sleeps. Many people journey to the big apple in search of their big break and falling in love. It is also a great city to explore with your lover. Admiring its grandeur, getting lost in its bustling streets, enjoying a drink on a rooftop terrace, strolling through central park… There is much to enjoy in NYC.

3. Venice
Many couples have journeyed to this beautiful floating city. Venice is the perfect location to be intimate with someone special: enjoying a romantic gondola experience, getting lost in its narrow streets, a romantic candlelit dinner by the Piazza San Marco, holding hands and strolling across the Ponte Rialto… Venice is love.

4. Vienna
Vienna may not be everyone’s first choice, but this city offers a grand and romantic experience. Its opulent and romantic history provides the perfect setting to connect with your loved one. You can explore the beautiful gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, navigate the remarkable museums and galleries, enjoy excellent food and wine, take a Viennese waltz class together, or live a royal fantasy at the Hofburg Palace.

5. Marrakech
Nothing inspires romance like escaping to an exotic destination and being immersed in a culture other than your own. Morocco is famous for its spices, ceramics, detailed designs and architecture, its Medinas (marketplaces), and romantic desert scenery. In Marrakech, you can explore, taste, relax and surrender to all kinds of new experiences.

6. Istanbul
Istanbul may come as a surprise. It is one of the oldest urban centres and was once the most populated city in the world. It is also the one city in the world spanning two continents: Europe and Asia. So, in the city where East meets West, you can experience an exotic blend of culture, history, scenery, food, and entertainment. We recommend staying around Galata Tower, the arts precinct. There are many shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and it is within walking distance to some very romantic sights.

7. Lisbon
The cascading hills of Lisbon alone are worth the journey to this exciting city. Lisbon boasts beautiful scenery, excellent food and is the perfect place to walk and talk with that special someone. While it is a major urban centre, Lisbon has an undeniable relaxed vibe that makes you feel as though you are on holiday, while still having all of the options that a big city has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Santorini
The Greek Islands are picturesque, calming, romantic and luxurious. Santorini, in particular, has everything that you could possibly want for a romantic getaway: crystal blue ocean views, relaxing beaches, good food and long days under the mediteranean sun.

9. The Maldives
Imagine stepping out of your floating bungalow and jumping straight into clear turquoise waters, being served exotic fresh food to your own private balcony, spending long intimate days in the sun and walking along white sand beaches… There is a reason that the Maldives is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world… but why wait for the honeymoon?

10. Bali
Last, but certainly not least, is Bali. There are many sides to Bali which make it a perfect romantic getaway: beach resorts in Seminyak, mountain jungle resorts in Ubud, escaping to the Gili Trawangan island, and so much more. In Bali, you can drink, dance, eat, have fun, relax, be pampered, go shopping, explore, enjoy your own private villa and pool… If your partner doesn’t already love you before Bali, they will certainly love you during and after.

Christopher Mifsud

Christopher Mifsud

Media & Communication Manager

Christopher comes from Sydney, Australia. He has a Bachelor of Arts, has worked in Arts Administration and Marketing, and is currently completing his second Undergraduate Degree in Media and Communication. Christopher is also a qualified yoga and fitness instructor, having worked as a professional dancer, and taught dance, yoga and fitness for over 10 years, in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. His expertise in fitness and human movement, coupled with his passion for health, wellbeing and travel, fuel his desire to educate others in these areas.