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Shop For Travel Day 2020!

It’s ‘Shop for Travel Day!’ and that means there has been a long enough break between the festive season and now before we can all start really planning our travel and adventures for 2020. So, in the spirit of planning travel for the year to come, let’s look at some of the do’s and don’ts when shopping for travel:

1. Plan Ahead
Planning ahead is essential and will result in many benefits. As opposed to shopping last minute, by planning ahead, you can secure the best deals on flights, accommodation and activities. Also, if you research wisely, you can find out when certain airlines have special sales throughout the year (national days, company anniversaries, etc.). Planning ahead also gives you more time to really research your trip so you don’t lock yourself into something so soon without knowing 100% it is what you want to do.

2. Open-End Tickets and Accommodation
Purchasing tickets that can be exchanged/altered or accommodation that offers “free cancelation” (e.g. means that you have the flexibility to change your choices during the planning process. If you see those great deals and want to secure them straight away, see if you can keep your selections flexible and adaptable to your wants/needs.

3. Shop Around & Go Straight to the Source
See a great deal? Make sure to confirm if it is the best deal available! A lot of the larger booking platforms offer great deals on behalf of hotels and airlines… However, if you see a great deal on the booking platform, also go directly to the airline’s website or the hotel’s website and see if that deal if even cheaper. While you may not benefit from the booking platform’s rewards program, you can still greatly benefit from frequent flyer programs and hotel chain loyalty programs.

4. Research the Destination Before Booking
It is important to thoroughly research your destination before travelling. This can include, but is not limited to, understanding the socio-political situation there, knowing whether any vaccinations or medication is required before or during travel, understanding the weather and climate conditions, as well as being able to prepare things like currency, additional transportation, travel visas, etc.

5. Travel Insurance
Last, but certainly not least, travel insurance is an absolute must when it comes to shopping for travel. Having the right travel insurance for you can protect you in multiple situations: circumstances changing unexpectedly lost luggage, missed flights, requiring medical assistance while travelling, support in extreme situations like search/rescue, etc.

If you are moving abroad, travelling for work or holiday or are in need of a more comprehensive International Health or Travel Insurance to meet the needs of you and or your family, simply reach out to us, we're happy to help!

Christopher Mifsud

Christopher Mifsud

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Christopher comes from Sydney, Australia. He has a Bachelor of Arts, has worked in Arts Administration and Marketing, and is currently completing his second Undergraduate Degree in Media and Communication. Christopher is also a qualified yoga and fitness instructor, having worked as a professional dancer, and taught dance, yoga and fitness for over 10 years, in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. His expertise in fitness and human movement, coupled with his passion for health, wellbeing and travel, fuel his desire to educate others in these areas.