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What makes ASN different

Dear Reader

At this point I should probably present you with elaborately written sentences with words like "optimal solution", "experience", "dynamic and innovative", "effective and efficient", "practical", etc. We, at ASN - your partner and leading expert for international insurance solutions - stand for all this and much more.

But at this point it is my main concern to introduce you to the values for which I stand as managing director of ASN and as a person. These are values that characterise our work and in which it is important to me that they are supported by all members of the ASN team.

The success of our company would not be possible, indeed ASN would not be ASN without open, curious and interested employees who, thanks to these very qualities, have an exceptional spirit of service and cooperation, a comprehensive and detailed specialist knowledge, but also distinct social competence. In short - they are not simply "dynamic", "innovative" and "competent", but it is important to them, perhaps in a somewhat old-fashioned way, to do good work in the interests of their customers. They always treat each other and our customers with respect. Our climate is characterized by openness and transparency, because I am convinced that this is the only way we can create and promote trust.

But last, but not least, what also sets us apart is our enjoyment of our work and our enthusiasm. Both together, enriched with a hint of humour, help us to view and solve complex problems from a fresh, creative point of view.

Dear reader - we are convinced that you have come to the right address for all your questions concerning international insurance solutions. And we look forward to supporting you, in a personal conversation as well as with our tips in this blog.

Pascal Fanti,

Managing Director ASN, Advisory Services Network AG