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Moving Abroad: A Roadmap – Part 2

Where should I live? Making a well-informed decision.

When making the decision to move abroad, it is important to consider your chosen country and think about how it aligns with your personality, interests and both your personal and professional goals. If being offered a position or required to relocate, it is still necessary to contemplate these things as well. As such, it is essential that you do your research and plan ahead. By having a thorough knowledge of your destination: language, geography, climate, safety, etc., you are mentally preparing yourself for things to come.

Things to check:

  • What is the climate/weather throughout the year
  • What is the predominant religion?
  • How does the government operate?
  • Are there job opportunities for you?
  • Is it a stable economy?
  • Will you be able to integrate into the environment?
  • What would your expenditure look like? Can you afford to live there comfortably?
  • What is the system for healthcare?
  • Is it culturally and equally inclusive for all people?

Consider these questions and answer them truthfully. If you are confident that this destination is for you, then you can happily pack your bags. If you are still unsure, visiting the chosen city or country once or twice may provide you with a better insight.

Preparation and Planning

If you have confidently made your decision, it’s time for the next step: preparation and planning. While it can feel like a daunting and colossal task, exercising preparation will lead to a much smoother transition.

  • Do I need a Visa/Permit?
One of the most important things to know first is whether you require a visa or permit in order to live and work at your destination. By checking with the destination’s embassy or consulate website within your country, you should be able to gather contacts and or information that will support you in your understanding of this. Depending on your citizenship, your access to certain visas and permits can vary. If you are being relocated for work, there is a high possibility that all of this will be handled for you by a relocation specialist.

  • Will local insurance be enough? The benefits of International Health & Travel insurance.
You will want to ensure that you are fully covered by a comprehensive health and travel insurance. Consulting expatriates worldwide, ASN can provide you with comparisons on the best options tailored to your needs. It is important to make sure you are protected in all situations and locations, before, after, and during your relocation. Many expats don’t find the level of support and coverage from local insurers to be sufficient. This is where ASN comes in, consulting with you and handling the structural set-up, management, implementation, and administration of your policy.

Private international insurance is worth its weight in gold. Local insurances work with public health systems which, depending on your destination, cannot always result in the best medical assistance and patient care possible. Having the right international insurance for you could guarantee better doctors, a private room during recovery, and priceless consultations with specialists.

Depending on the location you intend to move to, organizing a local insurance can also be complicated: between foreign language, communicating specific needs, providing personal details, etc. With an international insurance broker, you can feel at ease knowing you have a multi-lingual representative that knows the details specific to your situation and is looking out for your best interests.

A comprehensive policy, brokered by ASN, will provide you with worldwide coverage, free choice of doctors, the ability to maintain check-up’s with your family doctor whenever you return home, and a sense of security in special risk scenarios as well. ASN, along with our strong partner network of international insurance providers, endeavors to remove any cause for concern during your relocation process.

Check-in with Part 3 of this article series Moving Abroad: A Roadmap when we will discuss finding employment at your destination and tackle some Do’s & Don’ts of expatriate life.

Wherever your adventure takes you, we are here for you. For more information on international health and travel insurance, check out our website: insurance4u.ch

Daniel Fiorenza

Daniel Fiorenza

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