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Medical Second Opinion - 5 Reasons to Use It.

Imagine that you are sitting in a clinic and the doctor has just diagnosed you with a terminal illness, prescribed medication and is recommending unfamiliar treatment. Naturally, you are shocked and don’t want to believe the bad news. You respond with, ‘Are you sure?’ In situations like this, absolute confirmation is key. As such, a second opinion is both essential and comforting, knowing that you have been given the right information and advice. Here are 5 reasons why you should take advantage of your free second opinion, available to you with international private health insurance.

1. A Second Opinion Never Hurts

Did you know that 30% of diagnoses are inaccurate? While the methods and technology for testing and achieving a diagnosis are constantly improving, incorrect results are still present in medicine today. A second opinion is essential in order to provide you with confirmation of your illness.

2. The Right Treatment
Without the correct diagnosis, the right treatment can not be identified. Some diseases require very particular treatment and medication in order for the patient to make a full recovery. A second opinion will not only confirm your illness but can also confirm that the first recommended form of treatment is the right one.

3. Peace of Mind
Patients respond much better to treatment when they have a positive mindset and feel confident in their doctor’s ability to treat them. A second opinion will clarify that your first doctor has provided an accurate diagnosis and prescribed the industry recommended treatment. This will allow you to relax throughout the process, knowing that you are in good hands and receiving the best possible treatment available.

4. Access to a Network of Medical Excellence
International health insurance providers offer their clients a second opinion and also provide access to a network of specialists. This is a team of medical experts, who evaluate your test results, come to an educated agreement on your diagnosis and communicate what the best treatment and medication would be. This is another benefit of and reason to take advantage of your free second opinion.

5. In Case You Didn’t Notice… It’s Free.
Most international health insurance providers offer a free second opinion and you have the choice of using their network of doctors or consulting a doctor of your own choosing. We highly recommend that you contact the insurance company first before getting a second opinion. By doing so, you will be notified with certainty that the costs of your second opinion will be covered by the provider.

Have we convinced you? Would you like to learn more about getting a second medical opinion? The specialists at Insurance4u will be happy to answer any further questions you may have by sending an e-mail to
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