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International health insurance explained in three steps

Suitcases are packed and plans are forged - your adventure abroad can start. Excitement and curiosity are spreading. And sometimes also uncertainty and worries. Especially when it comes to international health insurance, many people are clueless. Do I even need it? And why? We've got the answers

The insurance jungle is already pretty dense. It's no wonder that there's even less to see through on an international level. But don't panic, we'll be happy to help you find answers to the three most important questions on the subject of international health insurance. Ready for the journey? Let's do this...

1. When do I need an international health insurance?

Do you set off on your round the world trip and no longer have a permanent residence? Are you emigrating abroad? Are you starting a new job far away from home? Or quite simply: Are you leaving your home country for more than twelve months? Then an international health insurance policy will become vital when your insurance expires as a result of leaving your place of residence in your home country. With an international health insurance, you enjoy the same standard of insurance abroad as in your home country and can get private cover at the same time. You benefit from worldwide private cover, free choice of doctor and life-long renewable insurance. Sounds about right, doesn't it?! Then we go one step further.

2. Why do you need an international health insurance?

It's easy to answer: with an international health insurance policy, you take a piece of Switzerland abroad with you. And it not only helps against homesickness, it's also worth it for a number of other reasons: With international health insurance, you avoid inadequate coverage and long waiting times abroad. You avoid inadequate medical care and the poor quality of certain state institutions. In addition, you can continue to be treated in your home country and do not run the risk of being rejected by an insurance company due to certain disabilities or old age. Perfect. And what else remains to be said?

3. Who needs an international health insurance?

Let's be brief: In summary, emigrants, employees posted abroad and expats of all nationalities as well as globetrotters need international health insurance if they turn their backs on their place of residence for more than twelve months. And now we are through. Hopefully the jungle has cleared and you can see your goal clearly again. Not quite? Then let us know in case you got stuck somewhere. We will gladly fight our way through the last bushes with you.