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Health check? Not with us.

Unfortunately, we have to reject you as a customer - in Switzerland you will not hear this sentence from an insurance company; insurances in Switzerland are forced to insure you, at least for the standard insurance. Compared to a Swiss basic health insurance, international ones, may choose depending on your health, whether they want to insure you or not. This is exactly what happened to Paul S. (61) from Zurich. The solution: a transfer to an international health insurance without a health check. That actually works? But of course. We'll show you how.

It's a good thing to get a proper check-up again - be it for your health and also for yourself. Paul S. (61) from Zurich thought the same and underwent a health check while reaching out to an international health insurance company; he is currently preparing to emigrate. For the next three years, Paul's career will take him to the west of Canada. He is an architect and is involved in a major project in Vancouver. He needs an international health insurance for this and that's the reason why he went and made a health check in the first place. A mere formality? Far removed. After the health check and several formalities later, he gets the shocking feedback that he's been rejeceted by the international insurance company. The reason: to many pre-existing conditions.

Paul's always been crazy about sports. Whether diving in the Red Sea, skiing on the Valais glaciers or running the Berlin Marathon, since his childhood he always liked to be active in his spare time. His body, however, didn't thank him in the long run. His knees could only withstand the great sporting strain with difficulty, which led to artificial knee joints inserted at the age of 59. One or two broken legs also appear in his medical record. And then there was the diabetes type 2 diagnosis, probably hereditary. For Paul himself only small restrictions in his active life - but not so for the international health insurance, as he had to learn in astonishment.

The exception of the rule
Paul's rejection is not an isolated incident. An international insurance has - like Swiss insurances with supplementary insurances or private health insurances (e.g. in Germany) - the right to charge so-called health loadings (surcharges) on specific diseases or conditions after a detailed examination of the documents. And they can exclude certain services or even reject a customer. This is because these providers are not forced to take out insurance, which can be problematic, that suffer of old-age. Fortunately, there is no rule without exception. Thanks to agreements between several Swiss insurance companies and our international insurance partners, we won't let you down. Instead, we'll transfer you to a foreign health insurance company without a health check - provided you have an existing outpatient or inpatient supplementary medical expenses insurance with a Swiss insurance company.

Does this situation feel familiar? Simply contact us using the form or by telephone under +41 43 399 89 89. We will be happy to help you.