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Digital and eco-friendly: the app with integrated insurance card for Now Health policy owners

You are abroad and need medical treatment, but you forgot your insurance card? This problem is a thing of the past for ASN customers with a Now Health International (NHI) policy. Make way for the digital insurance card.

Now Health International recently introduced the digital insurance card as an alternative to the printed card. This is nothing more than an exact copy of the previous insurance card and can be accessed via the insurer's official app. We at ASN give our seal of approval. Be always prepared, especially in an emergency or when you don’t have the physical card handy. The new format includes also other advantages.

Advantages of a digital insurance card
Thanks to the virtual card, our customers who have Now Health policies wherever and whenever they want can access the most important information about their insurance plan; policy number, contract expiry date, deductible and other data can be accessed anywhere and anytime on their smartphone. The virtual Membership Card can be scanned at the hospital or doctor via an app. Among other things, it shows immediately whether a cover is still valid and how a patient gets paid - we particularly like that. The worldwide emergency numbers and addresses on the card are also very helpful.

And, of course, the digital Membership Card is more eco-friendly than the printed version. A concern we take to heart and another reason why we would like to encourage our customers who are insured via Now Health to switch to a digital card as well. Each person that decides to switch to a digital insurance card will slightly lower their impact on the environment.

Get the virtual Membership Card
Convinced? To take advantage of the digital insurance card benefits, visit the Now Health International portfolio page. There you can download your own insurance card directly to your smartphone, deposit it in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet and voilà - that's it. We like!