Travel Insurance – for Adventure, Conflict Zones and Nomads

Where your regular travel insurance stops, battleface will take you further: Whether you want to adventure into risky territories, climb up the sides of mountains, venture forth into isolated locations, go deep into the watery unknown or surf the perfect tidal wave - battleface has you covered.

battleface, was developed by Tangiers Insurance Services, an insurance intermediary and Coverholder at Lloyd's and will, as our new partner, help us safeguard our most daring clients. It covers emergency medical treatment, evacuation and accidents, adventure sport and travel in dangerous, challenging or isolated places with 24/7 on-the-ground assistance and claims services.

24/7 Emergency

Having a safety-net around the clock and wherever you are is key. You'll be granted access to medical case managers, adedicated field personnel who live where they work and a network of medical services and assistance providers in 192 countries

Medical Emergency and Additional Expenses

When life throws you a curve-ball, you'll receive assistance in the form of Medical Emergency and Repatriation, Emergency Dental Treatment, Additional accommodation, travelling costs and Funeral Expenses Abroad.

For Professionals and Adventurers

Our clients come from many walks of life. Battleface is suitedfor anyone who finds himself on the riskier side of life, such as: Journalists, humanitarian workers, tourist, studens, globetrotters and adventurers.

Cancellation & Interruption

Life doesn't always go as planed and your trip is simply not meant to be. It could be your own health or personal circumstances. Sometimes you'll find yourself in the middle of the journey having to abruptly interrupt everything to go back home. We have you covered.

Loss of Baggage, Personal Money and Passport

Losing your belongings is never pleasant. It involves nerves and money to replace everything. With this cover, we'll make life easier for you, by helping you cover unforeseen expenses for new clothes, personal utensils or additional nights, at a hotel, to get a passport replacement.

Hospital Benefit, Personal Liability and Accident

At the event of an accident or bodily injury a predefined lump sum will be paid out. Health reasons can force you to stay away from work for a longer period. Topping up your monthly pay with a daily payout can reduce the impact of that situation. Should you ever become liable during a trip by injuring any person or damaging their property, you'll have a safety-net to fall back as well.

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Benefits of a propper Travel Insurance


We make sure that you can enjoy your adventure abroad relaxed and safe. As leading experts for international accident and health insurance - we helped to develop the first international health insurance plan ever to meet Swiss standards - we are your partner in the development of your international health insurance plan. Learn more about ASN …

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