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Travel Medical Insurance for the Adventurous, Brave and Daring.

Travel Medical Insurance for the Adventurous, Brave and Daring.

Keeping Travel Medical Insurance simple for people going places

battleface exceeds the limitations of regular insurance providers. Whether you are traveling to high-risk environments, engaging in adrenaline activities, venturing into isolated areas, climbing mountains, surfing big waves, or traveling in conflict zones, battleface is there to protect you. battleface travel medical insurance includes emergency medical treatment, rescue and evacuation, 24/7 assistance, multilingual services, and on-the-ground support. Travel can be unpredictable. Travel medical shouldn’t.

battleface was developed by Tangiers Insurance Service, an insurance intermediary and coverholder at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market.

24/7 Emergency

battleface offers a global 24/7 emergency assistance. If needed, you will be connected to medical case managers, dedicated field personnel and a network of medical services and assistance in 192 countries.

Medical Emergency and Additional Expenses

In the event of medical related emergencies/life-threatening scenarios, assistance will be provided: medical assistance, relocation, emergency dental treatment, accommodation support, travelling expenses, as well as funeral expenses.

For Professionals and Adventurers

battleface is suited to travelling professionals, adventurers, journalists, explorers/globetrotters, tourists, students, humanitarian workers, etc. who want to be protected in all environments, low or high in risk.

Unplanned Change in Circumstance & Cancellation

In the event of unplanned changes in your travel/circumstances, the option of cancelling your cover with battleface is available to you. ASN can assist in this.

Loss or Theft of Belongings, Money and Travel Documents

Should your belongings, money or travel documents be stolen, battleface is there to protect you; covering unforeseen expenses, the replacement of personal items, accommodation and travel support, as well as assisting in obtaining new travel documents.

Loss of Income & Personal Liability Benefit

In the event that a covered accident results in your serious injury, a predetermined sum will be paid to you for loss of income compensation. If you are liable for the accidental injury of another person(s) or damage to another’s property, those eligible will also be covered by battleface.

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  • Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disability {{ response.currency_id }} 50,000
  • Baggage Loss or Delay {{ response.currency_id }} 2,000
  • Money Loss or Theft {{ response.currency_id }} 2,000
  • Trip Cost Cancellation {{ response.currency_id }} 2,000
  • Personal Liability {{ response.currency_id }} 500,000
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battleface policies purchased for travel on or after April 2nd, 2020 will exclude all claims in any way caused by or resulting from Covid-19.

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battleface Travel Health Insurance in 90 Seconds

Travel Medical Insurance for the Adventurous, Brave and Daring

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